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Beth-El Industries Ltd.

Beth-El Industries was established by Kibbutz Beth-El to help meet the air ­filtration and security needs of both European and Israeli populations. Now, after years of experience in NBC protection, Beth-El has become a number one choice for a variety of protection and air filtration requirements. Beth El Industries has the advantage of in-house engineering, R&D capabilities, and large scale production facilities and Beth-El ­systems and products are tested to the highest standards and are certified for ISO 9001:2000, AQAP-2110, and AS 9100 ­quality ­management ­systems.

Beth-El’s Production facilities incorporate a wide range of capabilities
A variety of systems for numerous applications – Development, Design, Production, Installation
including development, fabrication, and testing facilities.

Shelter NBC- protection systems

Beth-El Industries has provided numerous shelters around the world with its highly protective overpressure filtration systems.
From the inconspicuous family version, the Rainbow 54 R and Rainbow 72 R that ­protects from 6 up to 8 people in a time of need, all the way to protection systems that serve hundreds or thousands of people, Beth-El has been working hard to help provide solutions for long-term health and safety.
NBC protection systems Blast valves

Complete Building and critical infrastructure protection
Environmental protection systems

Mobile medical isolation systems

Turnkey field hospitals and command posts

Air Conditioning Units for trains and railways

Sophisticated Air Conditioning Units for trains and railways.
  • Advanced Control Module with system diagnostic
  • Modular system and components

Complete environmental protection systems

For vehicles and mobile shelters
Beth-El Industries designs and produces air treatment systems for safe breathing and dust ­protection. Providing 24/7 operation in any climate zone, these versatile filtration systems are multifunctional units, combining CBRN/TIC ­filtration with ventilation, dust and fine dust filtration, air ­conditioning, and toxic ­shooting fume extraction. Systems have been supplied to over 60 armies, in over 120 vehicle and container types, for ­international deployments in conflict ­prevention, crisis management, and protection from ­incidents of terrorism.

NBC-protection systems for tents and field camps

Including rapid deployment centres (RDC) and all auxiliary equipment

NBC-System Features: Complete environmental systems with combined filtration, air-conditioning, and ventilation 24/7, around the clock, operational capability, High level of sand, dust, & fine dust extraction, Significant though-life savings, Versatile, compact, & modular designs, decreasing a deployed force’s footprint, Humidity protection for long lasting filters, Meets new W.H.O. / E.C. guidelines for carbon monoxide fume extraction capabilities.

Beth-El Industries Ltd.