The Beth-El Group

Environmental Protection Systems, Mobile Medical Isolation,
HEPA / ULPA Filters, Automated Machinery Lines,
Vocational Training & Technical literature
Natural Products & Fine Cuisine

Environmental Protection Systems, Mobile Medical Isolation, HEPA / ULPA Filters, Automated Machinery Lines,
Vocational Training &
Technical literature
Natural Products &
Fine Cuisine

Environmental Protection Systems, Mobile Medical Isolation, HEPA / ULPA Filters, Automated Machinery Lines, Natural Products, Fine Cuisine, & Technical Training

Since the original company’s inception in 1974, Beth-El Industries Ltd. has spawned numerous daughter companies in the filtration, manufacturing, and food ­production industries. The heart of the Beth-El Group revolves around NBC protection and filtration; ­however, many of these innovations have grown to be a wide range of manufacturing facilities, unique and varied ­product lines, and separate corporate entities.

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Beth-El education - training centers

The training center program teaches in two basic areas of ­production that are commonly used, machining and metal-processing.
Machinists learn to process different raw materials for the industry through conventional machines and advanced computerized machinery (CNC). Sheet metal workers learn the ­different methods of processing tin, with various metals and in different sizes and shapes, by conventional machines and with CNC machines.

Mechanical Technology Courses

Industry, Trade, and Employment (TAMAT)

The program includes classes in both theory and a hand’s on workshop. Course times change, based upon the specific months, and last for up to a year and more, depending upon the professionalism required.

‘The Metal Professions’ book

A Hebrew translation of ‘Eurpäiche Lehrmittel publisher’ teaching book – The Metal Professions

The book contains updated and in-depth information, accompanied by detailed and clearly colored images, regarding the metal professions – from the structure of the material and metals, through to the iron and steel, production, processing and use, as well as the use of tables, principles of measurement, control and automation.

Technical Dictionary –Metal Professions

An online technical dictionary in three languages

The dictionary is a professional technical dictionary for metal processing terms. The dictionary contains professional terms from the fields of processing, automation, computing, and production of physical and chemical processes. The technical terms are shown in three languages- Hebrew, German and English.

Beth-El - Vocational Education


Beth-El Industries Ltd.

Beth-El Industries was established by Kibbutz Beth-El to help meet the air ­filtration and security needs of both European and Israeli populations. Now, after years of experience in NBC protection, Beth-El has become a number one choice for a variety of protection and air filtration requirements. Beth El Industries has the advantage of in-house engineering, R&D capabilities, and large scale production facilities and Beth-El ­systems and products are tested to the highest standards and are certified for ISO 9001:2000, AQAP-2110, and AS 9100 ­quality ­management ­systems.

Beth-El’s Production facilities incorporate a wide range of capabilities
A variety of systems for numerous applications – Development, Design, Production, Installation
including development, fabrication, and testing facilities.

Shelter NBC- protection systems

Beth-El Industries has provided numerous shelters around the world with its highly protective overpressure filtration systems.
From the inconspicuous family version, the Rainbow 54 R and Rainbow 72 R that ­protects from 6 up to 8 people in a time of need, all the way to protection systems that serve hundreds or thousands of people, Beth-El has been working hard to help provide solutions for long-term health and safety.
NBC protection systems Blast valves

Complete Building and critical infrastructure protection
Environmental protection systems

Mobile medical isolation systems

Turnkey field hospitals and command posts

Air Conditioning Units for trains and railways

Sophisticated Air Conditioning Units for trains and railways.
  • Advanced Control Module with system diagnostic
  • Modular system and components

Complete environmental protection systems

For vehicles and mobile shelters
Beth-El Industries designs and produces air treatment systems for safe breathing and dust ­protection. Providing 24/7 operation in any climate zone, these versatile filtration systems are multifunctional units, combining CBRN/TIC ­filtration with ventilation, dust and fine dust filtration, air ­conditioning, and toxic ­shooting fume extraction. Systems have been supplied to over 60 armies, in over 120 vehicle and container types, for ­international deployments in conflict ­prevention, crisis management, and protection from ­incidents of terrorism.

NBC-protection systems for tents and field camps

Including rapid deployment centres (RDC) and all auxiliary equipment

NBC-System Features: Complete environmental systems with combined filtration, air-conditioning, and ventilation 24/7, around the clock, operational capability, High level of sand, dust, & fine dust extraction, Significant though-life savings, Versatile, compact, & modular designs, decreasing a deployed force’s footprint, Humidity protection for long lasting filters, Meets new W.H.O. / E.C. guidelines for carbon monoxide fume extraction capabilities.

Beth-El Industries Ltd.



Beth-El’s IsoArk and SteriTent product line allow for mobile isolation and clean room atmosphere to be erected or used almost anywhere at any time. Custom made to fit the customer’s requirements and multiple options are already available for single person transport, temporary isolation tents, or complete negative pressure isolation / quarantine rooms (Ebola, Coronavirus / COVID-19). Other applications may include postal screening facilities, equipment for workplace safety in harmful dust environments, and temporary laboratories for highly sensitive work.

Mobile Medical Isolation and Pandemic Protection Systems

IsoArk medical isolation systems are designed for the simple and rapid set up of biologically isolated environments.

Beth- El Industries has developed an entire host of customizable, ­portable isolation ­chambers, clean / ­sterile rooms, and stand alone air filtration systems that isolate, contain, and destroy bacterial and viral threats.
In use within hospitals and ­surgical centres, these unique and ­effective medically isolated environments are quick and ­simple to set up and they provide a cost-effective ­solution for ­infectious patient isolation and care.



Beth-El Industries manufacturing services

Beth-El Industries Ltd. has the advantage of in-house engineering, R&D capabilities, and large scale production facilities and Beth-El ­systems and products are tested to the highest standards and are certified for ISO 9001:2015, AQUAP-2110, and AS9100D quality management system.
Furthermore we are certified for an environmental management system according to ISO 14001:2015 and for an Occupational Health and Safety System according to ISO 45001:2018.
Beth-El Industries offers state-of-the-art manufacturing services in the following areas:
Precision machining (milling, turning, EDM); Sheet metal processing (punching, bending, forming, welding); Surface treatment (e-coat, powder coating, wet paint); Plastic injection molding; Gear cutting; Aluminum die casting.

Color | Surface Treatment

  • Powder Coating
  • Surface Treatment
  • Wet Painting
The coating and coloring services plant of Beth-El Industries includes innovative and advanced technologies while closely monitoring the quality of the products throughout the painting / surface treatment process until the parts are sent to the customer.

Production Services

  • Precision machining
  • Sheet metal processing
  • Gear cutting

A combination of careful design, innovation, high technological capability, product reliability, and excellence in customer service. Persistence, accuracy and self-production ensure a high level, quality, reliability of the products, and excellence in customer service.

Beth-El Industries Ltd.



FILT AIR Ltd. specializes in the production of air filtration products for the supply of clean air. Our wide range of products is designed to provide superior quality, while offering both safety and reliability for product availability at an ­optimum  price. Based on the knowledge and expertise of the mother company, we offer a large range of filters to suit our
customer’s needs for all applications.
FILT AIR Ltd. focuses on quality assurance of the raw material, the production process, and the finished products. Carefully selected materials, combined with ­quality engineering and workmanship, ­guarantee excellent performance, long lifetime, and long standing quality. The products are designed, manufactured, and tested in accordance with established ­international standards.

HEPA / ULPA filters

The highest quality microelectronic and ­pharmaceutical industry filters available

High efficiency air filtration is a necessity within a range of ­commercial and industrial applications. Manufacturing plants and biological research facilities are increasingly requiring higher levels of ­protection against a variety of harmful ­substances, from plain dust to invasive micro-toxins.

Final Filter for Clean Rooms

advanced technologies and skilled application expertise for the supply of clean air in clean rooms

….for high-tech industries, such as the microelectronics and pharmaceutical industries.
Our customers include: hospitals, industrial plants, commercial buildings, and companies ­requiring clean air for gas turbine filtration.




The Sterionizer™ disinfection concept is an excellent solution for all food processing, food packaging and food storing areas with critical ­requirements of air purity and sterility, as well for homes, cars, office environments, classrooms and kindergartens. The system ensures reliable and consistent conditions preventing the build-up of germs and bacteria.
The basic principal is the permanent flushing of the area with clean air reinforced with positive and negative ions.

The Sterionizer™ Integrating units

Sterionizer™ system keeps air ducts, air heat exchangers and machinery clean and supplies ­sanitized air in enclosed areas

The Sterionizer™ Wall Unit produces charged oxygen molecules O₂+ and O₂- that have high chemical ­activity and when reacting with water molecules in the air, H₂O₂ (Hydrogen ­Peroxide) is formed. A chemical reaction occurs and oxidants break down the protein structure of pollutants, rendering them harmless.>



Beth-El Machinery Ltd.

Custom Processing Line Engineering and ­Manufacturing.

Beth-El Machinery produces turnkey projects in the ­engineering and manufacturing of custom ­processing lines, pasteurization, deaeration, ­product recovery systems, and homogenizer systems.

Our machines are designed for an extremely, high, hygienic standard, are able to provide products with a long shelf life, and have an output speed, depending upon the product, between 1,000 to 12,000 containers per hour. A servo driven CNC filling machine, is designed so that all functions are fully servo or pneumatic driven, operable from the controller panel, and have an output speed of up to 6,000 containers per hour.

Packaging Systems

High Clean Continuous Bottle Cleaner and High Clean Filling assembly-line systems

The High Clean Continuous Bottle Cleaner from the AWC series have a highly flexible set-up and orientation which can accommodate containers with a variety of sizes and shapes, and incorporate a range of capabilities with an output speed of up to 15,000 containers per hour.>

Process systems - CIP Units

Automatic “Cleaning In Place” Systems

The APC series CIP systems are designed to produce an extremely high hygienic standard and provide the possibility of cleaning highly sensitive ­process equipment like: process reactors, storage tanks, pasteurisation units, filling machines, and many other types of equipment that require a strict hygienic cleaning.

Ozone & sterionizer Sterilisation Unit

Ozone is a more powerful disinfectant than Hydrogen Peroxide, chlorine, chlorine dioxide and many of the industry disinfectant agents.

The Sterionizer™ is a patented bipolar ionisation air purification device that brings healthy natural air quality to closed indoor environments. It produces positive and negative oxygen ions that clean and renew outdoor air by removing harmful pollutants, such as bacteria, viruses, fungi, and spores.

Box folding line

Highly flexible Box Folding Line, from the series ABO, is solidly built and easy to operate

The machine takes the stacks of boxes down from the pallet and feds the stacks into the machine. After the boxes have been separated, the opener folds the boxes and checks that all the walls of the boxes have been assembled correctly.

Beth-El Machinery Ltd.

Beth-El food Ltd.

Carmel Natural Products Ltd. & Aunt Berta™

Carmel Natural Products Ltd. and Aunt Berta’s specialty foods blossomed from the desire to ­create wholesome, naturally flavourful cuisine. The enterprises have grown to production for worldwide consumption and expanded from preserves to bread, cookies, honey, and more.

Preserves, Spreads & Sauces

The inspiration for Aunt-Berta’s Specialty Foods began in a small European mountain village three ­generations ago…

where Aunt Berta used the choice fresh fruits she lovingly grew on her farm, cooked them just enough to preserve its natural colour and to bring out the natural favour, and turned them into mouth-watering ­preserves and marmalades. Aunt Berta’s Specialty Foods’ delicious, comforting flavours can be found in homes throughout Israel, the United States, Canada, and Europe.

Aunt Berta shop

In ‘Aunt Berta’ store you can find a wide range of boutique products of international quality…­

…­produced with dedication and in a method that preserves the traditional recipes from the country cuisine. The factory store has a wide range of quality products: preserves, spreads & sauces according to recipes passed down from generation to generation; Breads and rolls in a variety of ­flavors produced daily; Quality boutique chocolate in unique flavors; Honey, and more.

Beth-El Textile

Pleasant Dreams in Royal Comfort

Providing style, grace, and comfort in duvets and plush pillows for decades — available in four grades of high quality Hungarian goose down — the King David line, the Premium line, the Comfort line and the Classic line.

Beth-El food Ltd.

abroad production, Manufacturing & distribution

Beth-El America LLC is a subsidiary of Beth-El Industries, operating in the United States. It deals with production of air filtration systems for medical, industrial, and governmental use and with FMF-production.

We offer full turnkey solutions and projects including procurement, subcontracting, incoming inspections, integration and assembly, QUAL, FAI, testing and ATPs, packing and shipment.

System engineering, Integration & Testing, Full turnkey solutions

Beth-El is active in the United States since 2002 and we offer a large range of filters to suit our customer’s needs for many applications.

Beth-El America LLC offers strong integration and testing capabilities in mechanical and electro-mechanical systems. We have the advantage of in-house engineering, R&D capabilities, and high quality production facilities, partners and subcontractors operating in compliance to the highest standards like ISO 9001:2015 and AS9100D quality management system.

Beth-El America

Aura Air

An air management system Manufactured and Marketed by Beth-El Zichron Yaacov Industries Ltd.
AURA AIR is an all-in-one system for air purification and artificial intelligence that filters and disinfects the air in enclosed spaces through a unique four-stage purification process while constantly monitoring the air quality in real time.

Manufacturing & Distribution

Aura Air – Detects polluting particles in the air and cleans them immediately. RAY™ Filter – for easy replacement – produced and marketed by Beth‑El Industries.
The large Aura-Air system is designed to purify the air in spaces up to 55 m2 in size. The system has the ability to operate and control remotely via an application Installed on a mobile phone. The small system, Aura-Mini, is portable and designed to purify air in the immediate vicinity of a person in a public space.

Aura Air